We are a Department of Energy Sponsored Coalition Working to
Enhance Urban Air Quality and National Energy Security


An Alliance of Federal, State, Local Government and Forward Looking Businesses Dedicated to Improving Air Quality in the San Francisco Bay Area

DOE Clean Cities

US Department of Energy

Enhancing our Economic, Environmental and Energy Security by working to reduce Petroleum use.

Breath California

Silicon Valley Clean Cities

Supporting public and private partnerships that deploy clean-burning AFVs and build their associated fueling infrastructure.

Breathe California

Breathe California

Fighting Lung Disease in all its forms and working with Bay Area communities to Promote Lung Health.


News and Upcoming Events from the Silicon Valley Clean Cities Coalition

Clean Cities Staff
27 June 2016
Clean Cities Blog
Proposition 1B, the Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program, was approved by voters in 2006 to provide funding for emission reduction along Californ...
Clean Cities Staff
13 June 2016
Clean Cities Blog
The Idle-Reduction Campaign is collaboration between the Silicon Valley Clean Cities Coalition (SVCCC) and Breathe California of the Bay Area (...
Clean Cities Staff
13 June 2016
Clean Cities Blog
Vegetable oil, animal fat, waste cooking oil, grease, etc., are now being used by many transit operators and consumers a like as a substitute for foss...
Clean Cities Staff
10 June 2016
Clean Cities Blog
Today, the Energy Department (DOE) announced $22 million to support research, development, and demonstration of innovative plug-in electric vehicle (P...

The Silicon Valley Clean Cities Mission

To work together to promote and expand alternative fuel vehicles and improve air quality, hold
education and training workshops, support alternative fuel legislation and decrease the
dependence on imported oil in order to increase national security and environmental quality.

Our Greatest Areas of Impact

  • Access to Alternative Fuel

    We work to increase the number of AFVs and alternative fueling stations in the Silicon Valley Region
  • Improved Air quality

    Encouraging the use of Alternative Fuels, supporting alternative modes to transportation and sponsoring legislation that improves air quality in the Silicon Valley Region.
  • Training

    Providing training and informational workshops for the use of alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles to AFV operators and technicians.
  • Education

    Promoting the awareness of Clean Fuels and AFVs by hosting workshops, grant-writing assistance and alternative fuel outreach with legislation and funding opportunities.
Membership in the Coalition provides a forum for joint action in working towards the common goals of reducing air pollution, global warming and the importation of petroleum.
Think Owners attend class

On Friday, August 3rd 2012, THINK owners from the San Francisco Bay Area assembled at DeAnza College for their first club meeting. The THINK Owners Club was formed to foster a cooperative network of THINK owners. It also provides a forum for THINK owners to voice their positive experiences with their vehicles and address any questions they might have.

The event program included testimonials from four THINK owners, an inside look at the THINK car's design, and an introduction to product support facilities. Randy Bryant, head of the automotive technology center at DeAnza College, was available at the meetings to give technical support. He has been trained to offer mechanical support for electric vehicles including the THINK car.

Thus far, The Green Team with support from Breathe California has directed the sale of 38 THINK vehicles. Breathe California partnered with THINK to promote electric vehicles, as it is their mission to support all clean air endeavors. Breathe California volunteers were present at the meeting to hand out t-shirts, computer sticks, and an array of other custom products for THINK owners. Yummy refreshments like chicken wings, cookies, and cupcakes were provided. If you are a THINK owner and are interested in participating in the THINK owners club, please call Patricia at 408-998-5865. If you want to join in the festivities and buy a THINK vehicle, please contact Tom Diebold, local distributor of THINK vehicles, at 408-933-2370.